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Tech Growth Opportunities in 2009 and beyond

Scott Kirsner is a journalist and an expert in predicting successful new technology trends. He is currently preparing for an event on June 25th about "What's Next in Tech: Exploring the Growth Opportunities of 2009 and Beyond.". I stumbled about it because four key areas that Vquence works in are mentioned as exciting new opportunities [...]

New "Video Metrics" LinkedIn Group

For those of you who are keen to discuss more about Video Metrics, we created a LinkedIn Group on "Video Metrics". It will only turn into a useful place if people start signing up and we get a community started that can have meaningful discussions. I saw Michael Downs from TubeMogul join, so we have [...]

Top Rated Superbowl Ads 2009

I promised to report on the performance of the Superbowl ads on YouTube. This is actually not as simple as it sounds because the different ads were not uploaded at the same time and some had an unfair advantage for having been up on YouTube for a couple of days before the Superbowl. Therefore we [...]

How to have success with social video

Daniel Flamberg recently posted an article through iMedia which summarises the experience gained from a social video marketing campaign. Their target audience were 25-35 year-old mostly mail IT guys in SMEs, which indeed hang out on social video sites. They published a sequence 3 videos, which were a mix of live action video showing work [...]

Monty Python leads the way

MontyPython opened a channel on YouTube on the 13th January 2006. It may not have been run by the real guys initially, but in 2008, they decided to do something with the channel. They decided to stop fighting the crowd's uploading of key clips of their famous productions and instead provide the clips themselves, in [...]

YouTube video units now available in Australia

Google announced today that video units are now available in Australia. Video units are a way to monetise video published on YouTube. It's essentially AdSense for video. You select video content from YouTube or Video Google that you want to publish to your Website, customise the player for this display, and embed it into your [...]

Video Advertisement Standardisation

Videos on the Internet are growing up - nothing says this more than this week's release of in-stream video advertising standards by the Internactive Advertising Bureau. This also is a great day for video metrics companies because it means there will be compatible forms of video ads across sites which can be measured in a [...]