Monthly Archives: November 2009

YouTube improves accessibility support

Google announced today two new features for YouTube: automated captioning and automated time-aligning of transcripts (called automated timing). The video provides the best introduction: Basically, you can now have your typist create a transcript of your video and then directly upload that to YouTube, which will use speech recognition to time-align the transcript and turn [...]

Developing a scoping study for

We're very excited that Vquence and Jimi Bostock have together managed to snap one of the round two projects of the Australian Gov 2.0 Taskforce and that the project has a huge video focus - something that has (for valid reasons and yet disappointingly so) largely been treated as a side issue in Gov 2.0. [...]

YouTube launches promoted videos in Australia

Promoted videos are videos that take part in the AdWords scheme. Just as you build a little ad to make your Website bubble to the top in Google searches, you can now place your video such that it bubbles to the top in YouTube - a wonderful means to kick-start a viral campaign. Promoted Videos [...]