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The brand impact of social video

This blog entry was written for iMedia Asia. If you are not publishing videos in social networks online, you are missing an opportunity to extend the impact of your brand online. The situation with video is comparable to the beginning of the Web. Then, only the big brands were quick to embrace the new medium [...]

New "Video Metrics" LinkedIn Group

For those of you who are keen to discuss more about Video Metrics, we created a LinkedIn Group on "Video Metrics". It will only turn into a useful place if people start signing up and we get a community started that can have meaningful discussions. I saw Michael Downs from TubeMogul join, so we have [...]

Standards for measuring video ads

On 11th June, the International Advertising Bureau (IAB) have published another milestone standard for online video. This time it is about measuring in-stream video ads. The document focuses around the four most commonly used in-stream advertising formats: Linear Video Ad With or Without Companion Ad Linear Video Interactive Ad Non-linear Overlay Ad Non-linear Non-Overlay Ad [...]

Predicting the Outcome of the Australian Federal Election

During the 2007 Australian federal election Vquence analysed videos that were published on YouTube and elsewhere in relation to the federal election. Vquence provided different data to the iPrime federal election site, including a widget with user-generated videos related the federal election, a widget with party-created videos, and a graph that tracked view counts. This [...]