Monthly Archives: January 2009

Who owned the whitehouse channel on YouTube before Obama?

Since his inauguration, Obama has launched a new YouTube channel called "whitehouse". It is a beautifully designed channel which right now has 4 videos. Interestingly, it was registered on the 21st January 2006. Here is a curious piece of information about the channel. When we started monitoring the channel and its videos after the inauguration, [...]

Super Bowl Ad Season

In the previous blog post, I wrote about the top 10 ads of 2008 and the huge impact Super Bowl ads achieved. The 2009 Super Bowl season is about to start and we have a new phenomenon: a trailer for video ads. According to the great ads blog, DreamWorks Animation and Pepsi SoBe Lifewater announced [...]

Popularity of Commercials & Top 10 video commercials for 2008

YouTube is a great barometer for the success of commercials - even if they were originally perceived as TV commercials. YouTube's view count indicates how many people have watched the video and since YouTube's visitors are in general the same audience audience as the target audience of most TV commercials, YouTube's metrics provide a great [...]