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Most commenters on YouTube are males between 13 and 27 years

Recently, we've been asked a lot about commenters on YouTube - it seems there is a large interest in finding out more about the engaged audience in videos. Our gut feeling was always that the majority of commenters were between 15 and 25. It is actually quite amazing how many immature and little useful comments [...]

The brand impact of social video

This blog entry was written for iMedia Asia. If you are not publishing videos in social networks online, you are missing an opportunity to extend the impact of your brand online. The situation with video is comparable to the beginning of the Web. Then, only the big brands were quick to embrace the new medium [...]

Nielsen Report delivered as video

This week, Nielsen published a new report that they call "The Global Online Media Landscape - identifying opportunities in a challenging market". The report analyses global trends for how users interact with online media and make recommendations for how advertisers should should react to them. Of course they had to point out the explosion of [...]

Tracking viral video advertising campaigns

In my blog I recently wrote about what constitutes a proper viral video. A great viral video spawns many conversations in many communities. To spawn many conversations requires the video to go places, which is why so many videos that are intended to go viral are being uploaded to a multitude of social video sites. [...]