Media Intelligence

Media Intelligence companies provide news, information, and analytics services on online media and their audiences to their clients.

Social video as published online is a new form of media publication that companies want monitored. Reasons for the desire to monitor such video are multiple:

  • Social video can indicate new development trends in markets.
  • Social video can influence the image of companies and brands.
  • Social video can also provide information on competitor products and their reputation.

Media intelligence companies want to extend their data feeds to be able to provide custom news, information and analytics services.

The comprehensive and real-time acquisition of metadata on social online video is a challenge that Vquence has mastered. Vquence handles the tasks of running crawlers, aggregating textual descriptions, identifying language, aggregating quantitative measurements, and identifying blogs and forums on which videos are quoted.

Vquence provides raw access to metadata on every video post being published online. The data is provided through XML feeds and is used as an input source for the systems of media intelligence companies.

Vquence can also provide the metadata feed through a graphical user interface that includes a display of the actual videos in the feed. This is a great means to deliver media intelligence information on social video to customers. In addition, it provides a great tool to experts to pre-sift videos easily.