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More Kate Lundy videos

Senator Kate Lundy has posted two more vodcasts:

Hitting a nerve

At our recent VQmetrics launch, I mentioned that seeding a video for broad viewership can go a certain distance, but in order for a video to go viral it really needs to hit a nerve. A new social video ad was uploaded on 25th March by Mini. It is about a couple of guys sitting [...]

The success of TV ads on YouTube

This blog entry was written for iMedia Asia. One of the biggest fears in our industry is that online video will replace TV, and the consequences this will have on advertising and broad audience reach. According to recent research reports, the notion that online video is pushing TV out of the market is at least [...]

Online celebrity advertising

One generally accepted valid approach towards producing a video ad that will go viral online is to approach a person that has already achieved a reputation on YouTube for their quirky, interesting, sexy, or otherwise attractive videos and use them in the video ad. We have such an online video celebrity right here in Australia: [...]

Creativity with YouTube

Not an advertising related post, but about being creative with online video. A guy called Kutiman from Israel used a number of videos from YouTube to create original music by mash-ups. Check out his awesome tracks. I think a new music culture was just born.