Full Service

Talk to us when you want to get started with social video, e.g. to

  • improve communicate with your target audience,
  • start a vodcast,
  • run a viral video marketing campaign, or
  • make video part of your social media strategy.

We have a complete set of tools to plan, execute, optimise and evaluate the success of social video publications.

Getting Started with Social Video

  1. Planning social video
  2. Setting-up social video channels
  3. Embedding videos in your marketing / communication mix

Executing the Social Video Plan

  1. Video production, including shooting and editing
  2. Video captioning
  3. Video publication

Optimising the social spread of your videos

  1. Video SEO
  2. Video Seeding
  3. Continuous monitoring and alerts

Evaluating the success of the videos

  1. Competitor analysis of similar publications
  2. Benchmarking of individual videos
  3. Reporting and detailed analytics to gain insights