New Media

New media and social networking sites are now an important part of the Web ecosystem.

The introduction of video onto such sites is often a large challenge - video requires more storage and bandwidth than any other Web medium, and it also requires the management of annotations and metadata to make any sense of the video itself. Video that is prepared to go viral is often better published on social video hosting sites such as YouTube or and re-embedded onto a new media site, making sure it can also function as an ambassador for the site.

Vquence has extensive experience in publishing and aggregating video from social video sites.

We have graphical displays (so-called web widgets) that include a well-designed interactive video player to display lists of video highlights. The video highlights are flexibly aggregated according to client need, which could be by user name, keywords, or queries. The aggregated playlist is included into a client's Web page through a piece of HTML code.

We also offer search technology that allows dynamic search of videos within a collection. This includes a graphical display of the results both as a list of images as well as a list of video highlights. This provides to users the option of an in-depth interaction with the search results without having to link away from the search-results page.