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Subtitles have huge impact on video SEO and viewership

Subtitles and Captions are key to making video content accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing people. This in and of itself should be enough motivation to create subtitles for your videos. But if you need more reasons, read on. In my long years of working with video I have been encouraging everybody who publishes video to [...]

Ad opportunities in online video on the rise

According to AccuStream iMedia Research, there was a 24.3% increase in professionally produced content on the web in 2008, mostly caused by broadcast companies joining the online publishing revolution. David Hallerman from eMarketer reckons that "the sharp escalation of professional video content on the Web--mainly from TV networks--is creating a viable base for brand marketers". [...]

Standards for measuring video ads

On 11th June, the International Advertising Bureau (IAB) have published another milestone standard for online video. This time it is about measuring in-stream video ads. The document focuses around the four most commonly used in-stream advertising formats: Linear Video Ad With or Without Companion Ad Linear Video Interactive Ad Non-linear Overlay Ad Non-linear Non-Overlay Ad [...]

Video Advertisement Standardisation

Videos on the Internet are growing up - nothing says this more than this week's release of in-stream video advertising standards by the Internactive Advertising Bureau. This also is a great day for video metrics companies because it means there will be compatible forms of video ads across sites which can be measured in a [...]