How we do it

Vquence provides four main services:

  • Social Video Service: tools to plan and execute social video communications
  • VQdata: a real-time data feed of published social videos
  • VQmetrics: key measurements of social and online video use
  • VQslices: tools to help manage large collections of videos

These services are run using the Vquence technology platform.

Vquence has implemented intelligent crawling and gathering techniques to accumulate and frequently update published information on social videos. The crawling backend is implemented in Java and the data is collected in a MySQL database, extended to be massively scalable.

VQdata serves the data through APIs to clients. VQdata provides search and filtering techniques built on top of the open source, high-quality Lucene search engine to reduce the amount of data for our clients in a targeted fashion.

VQmetrics delivers graphs of measurements over time to clients. We pick up this data from the social video hosting sites and from blog and news feeds. The graphs are delivered in a Vquence graphs widget, which is implemented using Ruby on Rails, CSS, AJAX, MySQL, HTML, Flash, and javascript.

VQslices serves video from the collection in an Adobe Flash playlist player to clients. The player is typically delivered in a Vquence widget, which provides a richer user interface than the pure embeddable Flash player. VQslices delivers video through slicing 10 seconds out of the original videos and turning these into a playlist to provide a rich user interface for browsing through large numbers of videos.

Vquence's platform is highly available. It is built on a fault tolerant infrastructure and monitored 24/7 to guarantee 99% availability. The hardware is hosted in a state of the art datacenter with redundant power.