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It is an era of social computing - the time of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and blogging - and your marketing and communication with the world is changing.

Until now, marketing was institution-centric, i.e. you controlled the information that was distributed about your company and therefore the conversations that were had about you.

With social computing, information dispersal and conversations about your company are happening in the public through individuals and communities that you do not control.

You have two choices: you can choose to ignore it or you can take charge. But you cannot stop it.

Your best option is to become part of the online conversations, respond to your customers, and contribute information and topics to the conversation that you would like to see discussed. Make social computing work for you, be involved in the conversation rather than a bystander. There is no better medium to do that with than video.

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Here is an interesting video explaining how the environment for marketing has changed in the last centuries:

"A New Seat " from Big Fuel on Vimeo