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"Barack Obama won the presidency in a landslide victory ... by converting everyday people into engaged and empowered volunteers, donors and advocates through social networks, e-mail advocacy, text messaging and online video. The campaign's proclivity to online advocacy is a major reason for his victory."
Monte Lutz, SVP-Digital Public Affairs, Edelman

Are you where the conversations are?

Public conversations now increasingly happen online. In contrast to traditional public conversations, online conversations are easy to tap into. You can be where the conversation happens and you can listen to the pulse and influence it. It is more efficient than one-on-one conversation. Don't lose touch by not being involved.

Are you making social networks work for you?

The youngest segment of voters, the 18 to 25 year olds, rely on the Internet, and in particular the social media networks (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) as their primary source of information. In Obama's campaign the use of these networks boosted the turnout of this segment by around 50% and elevated Obama's popular vote for this section of the constituency to around 75%.

Do you control your own news cycle?

The Online Engagement Platform provides a one-stop shop for all your online needs

You are no doubt a busy person and this has to be efficient for you. The package includes your own personal Website with a blog and central administration access through which you engage on a multitude of social networks and satisfy your metrics and reporting needs.

The platform includes the following services: Typical statistics services in use:
Wordpress Website: your Web pages, Blog, Media releases, and a central Control Centre for all online interaction Google Analytics Web Analytics: measuring blog and website use
Facebook Facebook: personal presence and Fan Page to build your list of friends and listeners Facebook Insight Facebook Insights: measuring your fanbase
Twitter Twitter: spreading news in small chunks HootSuite Twitter Analytics: HootSuite, TweetStats, twittalyzer
Youtube YouTube: managing and sharing videos VQmetrics YouTube Insights & VQmetrics: measuring video
RSS RSS: sharing news and blog posts through feeds feedburner RSS metrics: Feedburner, syndication and measurement
The Control Centre provides integration of the individual services. For example tweets on Twitter made through the Control Centre will automatically appear on Facebook. Default designs are provided for the different services from which the customer can choose. Frequent measurement of the success of your activities is core to success. We integrate the tools with the Website where possible for continuous updates. In addition, we deliver quarterly in-depth analyst reports with recommendations on how to improve your approaches.

The Results:

"One of the concerns often expressed when considering video amongst a range of Web 2.0 strategies is the perceived complexities of recording, posting and assessing the effectiveness. I was aware of the success other politicians were having with their video and You Tube channels but had always presumed the need for resources would put video beyond me. The good news is it is indeed possible!"
Senator Kate Lundy, customer of the Online Engagement Platform

The time that people spend on Senator Lundy's website has increased by 45% because of the videos. Clearly, visitors are finding the videos a valuable addition to her communication mix.

The Services:

1. Social Engagement Platform


  • Setup Blog
  • Setup Social Networks
  • Setup Metrics
  • Integration of tools
  • Choice of Theme
  • Seeding & SEO
  • Quarterly reporting
  • Free Training Session for 12 month sign-up

2. Vodcast production

recording and editing of videos and their captions

3. Training

  • training session with hands-on tutorial
  • learning how to engage and how to deal with disruptors

Further services such as LinkedIn or the use of a Wiki can be added for a fee as required.

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Contact: Silvia Pfeiffer , or Website

NB: The service is being offered jointly between Vquence and Robot Parade.