Monthly Archives: August 2008

Video Search Engine Optmisation

Lisa Barone from Bruce Clay Inc yesterday reported on the video search engine talks at the liveblogging conference. It is particularly interesting because it summarises very nicely the latest knowledge in Video Search Engine Optimisation - a very new and still evolving industry. The first talk focused on YouTube. "Lesson: People don't watch a video. [...]

YouTube video units now available in Australia

Google announced today that video units are now available in Australia. Video units are a way to monetise video published on YouTube. It's essentially AdSense for video. You select video content from YouTube or Video Google that you want to publish to your Website, customise the player for this display, and embed it into your [...]

Social video sites are starting to find specialised niches

At Vquence we have been watching the social video space for some time and have been interested to see a specialisation starting. YouTube continues to be the largest social video site online, but other sites such as Blip.TV and Vimeo continue to be around and attract their own audiences. Vimeo has just recently announced that [...]

The theory of an anthropologist on viral video

If you have 10min and would like to hear more about how a video becomes viral, watch the first 10 min of Michael Wesch's presentation to the Library of Congress. He goes on for another 45min to explain what kind of videos you can find on YouTube and what impact that has on society and [...]