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YouTube releases in-video links

In March, YouTube announced that they are experimenting with a new "Call to Action" feature. The feature allows YouTube publishers to put hyperlinks that link directly to their campaign site into InSight video overlays. In March, this feature was only available to non-profit partners. YouTube wrote about one particular instance of a non-profit partner who [...]

The brand impact of social video

This blog entry was written for iMedia Asia. If you are not publishing videos in social networks online, you are missing an opportunity to extend the impact of your brand online. The situation with video is comparable to the beginning of the Web. Then, only the big brands were quick to embrace the new medium [...]

Subtitles have huge impact on video SEO and viewership

Subtitles and Captions are key to making video content accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing people. This in and of itself should be enough motivation to create subtitles for your videos. But if you need more reasons, read on. In my long years of working with video I have been encouraging everybody who publishes video to [...]

Monetizing Social Video Success

ITV, the Network that puts on "Britain's Got Talent", seems to have a knack for uncovering great singing talent. In 2007 it was Paul Potts and Connie Talbot. This year it is Susan Boyle. On the list of top viewed YouTube videos of all time, Boyle's top video is on position 22, Potts at 28, [...]

Backing up free YouTube marketing campaigns with ads

Here in Australia, many agencies are starting to include viral video elements in their online marketing campaigns. The biggest question they all face is: how will we make it go viral? YouTube is a large international site. Uploaded videos don't easily rise above the general noise of the site. If you are prepared to spend [...]

Hitting a nerve

At our recent VQmetrics launch, I mentioned that seeding a video for broad viewership can go a certain distance, but in order for a video to go viral it really needs to hit a nerve. A new social video ad was uploaded on 25th March by Mini. It is about a couple of guys sitting [...]

Why you must have a product/brand representation on YouTube

Looking at the recent comScore statistic of video hosting sites, YouTube has now passed 100MM viewers per month and grabs 43% of the market. Not only is YouTube the dominant video publishing site on the Interent - it is also the dominant video search site. Anyone looking for your brand or product on YouTube should [...]

Searching on Twitter

The Twitter phenomenon is probably rather well known by anybody online now: a messaging service that can be your most immediate source of news items. I use it to share one-line news items, share when I posted a new blog post, or anything else that may be interesting to my friends and is just a [...]

Long-form video ads on the rise?

Recently, I've been noticing a new trend: some viral video advertising campaigns are no longer the typical 30-50sec long, funny spot. Instead, there are long-form ads that are more like short-films with a proper story. Interestingly, they are so well made that people share them across the Internet and actually watch them from start to [...]

Ad opportunities in online video on the rise

According to AccuStream iMedia Research, there was a 24.3% increase in professionally produced content on the web in 2008, mostly caused by broadcast companies joining the online publishing revolution. David Hallerman from eMarketer reckons that "the sharp escalation of professional video content on the Web--mainly from TV networks--is creating a viable base for brand marketers". [...]