Monthly Archives: April 2009

Nielsen Report delivered as video

This week, Nielsen published a new report that they call "The Global Online Media Landscape - identifying opportunities in a challenging market". The report analyses global trends for how users interact with online media and make recommendations for how advertisers should should react to them. Of course they had to point out the explosion of [...]

The Domino's Incident

With social networks abound, consumer created content that is brand-damaging can spread at an amazing pace and make it onto mainstream media to cause additional damage. This week, Domino's was hit with such a brand disaster. Two employees at a Domino's in the U.S. had nothing better to do during their work time than to [...]

YouTube professional content - not available in Australia

YouTube announced yesterday that they are now a new destination for television shows and an improved destination for movies. This obviously has two aims: to fight the dominance of Hulu in the space of professional content, and to create more valuable advertising space. The first will draw more eyeballs to YouTube, the second will make [...]

Backing up free YouTube marketing campaigns with ads

Here in Australia, many agencies are starting to include viral video elements in their online marketing campaigns. The biggest question they all face is: how will we make it go viral? YouTube is a large international site. Uploaded videos don't easily rise above the general noise of the site. If you are prepared to spend [...]