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Online Engagement Platform

Recently, I've worked with several people who have stated that it is really difficult to get started with online engagement in the right way - with the right presence on the right platforms, with the right level of activity, and without making it a major time waster. In collaboration with Robot Parade, we've put together [...]

Senator Lundy's successful start into Web 2.0 video

Media Release: With the help of Australian video company Vquence, Senator Kate Lundy started a YouTube and a Vimeo channel in June this year as part of a new effort in using social networking technology - also known as Web 2.0 technology - to better communicate with her constituency. Many of her federal colleagues have [...]

More Kate Lundy videos

Senator Kate Lundy has posted two more vodcasts:

Vodcasting for Sentor Kate Lundy

During the last weeks we have helped Senator Kate Lundy start her vodcasts. The very first one is now publicly available: There are another three pieces in the pipeline. What we did for Kate included helping in preparing the draft script, shooting, editing, captioning, transcoding, publishing to YouTube and Vimeo, video SEO, seeding, and metrics. [...]

Press release - Australian startup launches social video metrics product

Social video technology and consulting company Vquence launched a new social video metrics product called VQmetrics with an event in Sydney last week.

NSW digital media industry directory released

The NSW government just released their industry directories, including the Digital Media Industry directory, which also has a section on Vquence. Download it from this link

VQmetrics Launch Event

On 19th March, 5-7pm at the Blacket Hotel in Sydney, Vquence will launch the VQmetrics product into the market place. VQmetrics provides metrics on video published to social video networks such as YouTube, MySpace, Dailymotion etc. VQmetrics is currently in use by several trial customers and will be released as a Dashboard service, accompanied by [...]

IAB standardises in-stream ad API

Under the title "Digital Video Player-Ad Interface Definition (VPAID)", the IAB has published new standards for the communication between video players and in-stream video advertising. This document provides a standard API for interacting with in-stream ads - an API that will help produce ads that can be used in multiple video players, but also an [...]

Vquence launches new sites

Yesterday, we re-launched with a new front page which is now a portal page that leads to the VQmetrics and VQslices services as well as to the corporate site. This also implies that we have now moved away from the original aggregation site and are focusing our efforts fully on metrics. The aggregation site [...]