Online Engagement Platform

Recently, I've worked with several people who have stated that it is really difficult to get started with online engagement in the right way - with the right presence on the right platforms, with the right level of activity, and without making it a major time waster.

In collaboration with Robot Parade, we've put together a platform that makes this easy: an Online Engagement Platform .

The Online Engagement Platform offers a complete setup service to kick-start a career in social networks including the most important sites: a blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and RSS feeds to syndicate content. The main focus and differentiation of our service is that we have set this up in such a way that the sites can be controlled from one central location without the need to engage on every site separately. This makes it a low-touch service - something very important to the busy lives of people.

At the same time, we include into the service analytics for each of the sites - including our own VQmetrics product. The metrics are also mostly delivered through the central control platform making it simple to keep track of success. Additionally, our Vquence analysts will create quarterly reports with recommendations on how to improve on the engagement impact.

To round it all up, we offer training sessions to help be successful from the start.

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