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YouTube improves accessibility support

Google announced today two new features for YouTube: automated captioning and automated time-aligning of transcripts (called automated timing). The video provides the best introduction: Basically, you can now have your typist create a transcript of your video and then directly upload that to YouTube, which will use speech recognition to time-align the transcript and turn [...]

YouTube launches promoted videos in Australia

Promoted videos are videos that take part in the AdWords scheme. Just as you build a little ad to make your Website bubble to the top in Google searches, you can now place your video such that it bubbles to the top in YouTube - a wonderful means to kick-start a viral campaign. Promoted Videos [...]

Warner Music will put its full catalog back on YouTube

This is great news for the online video community: WMG (Warner Music) is back on YouTube! This week, WMG and YouTube struck a deal that will give WMG a large chunk of the revenue created around their videos - which was the issue when they broke the deal in December 2008. The partnership covers the [...]

YouTube and your media plan

YouTube have just published some new market research data on the Australian YouTube market. Admittedly, it's not independent research, but you can get some pretty interesting new statistics about online video in Australia from it. The complete stats are listed in the YouTube blog post about the YouTube Generation. One important outcome is that people [...]

Tech Growth Opportunities in 2009 and beyond

Scott Kirsner is a journalist and an expert in predicting successful new technology trends. He is currently preparing for an event on June 25th about "What's Next in Tech: Exploring the Growth Opportunities of 2009 and Beyond.". I stumbled about it because four key areas that Vquence works in are mentioned as exciting new opportunities [...]

Guest post at Mumbrella

You may have been wondering that we haven't written about the Susan Boyle success on this blog yet. However, we wanted to gain a few weeks of data on this particular social video story and turn it into something special. Well, it has turned into something special in a different way: Tim Burrowes who writes [...]

Nielsen Report delivered as video

This week, Nielsen published a new report that they call "The Global Online Media Landscape - identifying opportunities in a challenging market". The report analyses global trends for how users interact with online media and make recommendations for how advertisers should should react to them. Of course they had to point out the explosion of [...]

The Domino's Incident

With social networks abound, consumer created content that is brand-damaging can spread at an amazing pace and make it onto mainstream media to cause additional damage. This week, Domino's was hit with such a brand disaster. Two employees at a Domino's in the U.S. had nothing better to do during their work time than to [...]

YouTube professional content - not available in Australia

YouTube announced yesterday that they are now a new destination for television shows and an improved destination for movies. This obviously has two aims: to fight the dominance of Hulu in the space of professional content, and to create more valuable advertising space. The first will draw more eyeballs to YouTube, the second will make [...]

Against the call for regulation on bloggers and dark viral campaigns

I spent the last two days at ad:tech Sydney and have come back highly inspired. There are a few blog posts in the pipeline - here is the first. On Tuesday I attended a panel on "Effects Of Transparency: Cash For Comment And The Dark Marketing Debate" by David Lee and Julian Cole. They presented [...]