Vquence is a privately held company originally founded by Chris Gilbey and Dr Silvia Pfeiffer, now led by Dr. Pfeiffer and John Ferlito.

Information City Australia Pty Limited provided initial angel funding to the company.

Vquence initially started with the intent of providing a video search and aggregation service online to consumers, using a method called "slicing" that would extract small previews from videos online video sites. During the process of building this technology, we discovered that we were aggregating a lot of real-time information on audiences of social video. It is this data that is now powering our metrics and analytics business in social video market intelligence, which is highly relevant to media-buying agencies, in particular in conjunction with viral video advertising. Vquence re-focused the business from video aggregation to video metrics at the end of 2007.

As the company expands into China and the U.S, we expect we will raise additional capital to fund our expansion.

If you are interested in understanding what our business strategy is and would like a private presentation of our technology, please contact us.