Dr Roger Buckeridge

Roger is director and co-founder of Allen & Buckeridge, a Sydney Venture Capitalist.

Dr Dan Pitt

Dan Pitt brings to Vquence an extensive track record in advanced technology, communications, and media. At present coming off a five-year stint as Dean of the School of Engineering at Santa Clara University in the heart of Silicon Valley, and faculty adviser to the student entrepreneurs club, Dr Pitt stays close to innovation in many sectors.

Dr Dennis N Cooper

Dennis Cooper has deep scientific and academic expertise in antennae, communications, and space related systems. Other scientific experience mixes in research, industry liaison and commercialisation in geophysical imaging, biosensors, and microwave integrated circuits. Government and industry turn to Dennis Cooper for a blend of strategic and scientific advice on technology. He joins Vquence to advise on market conditions for its technology leading combination of video search and service.