Dr Silvia Pfeiffer (Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder)

Silvia's blog

In the middle of 2006 Silvia Pfeiffer took a sabbatical from CSIRO to work with Chris Gilbey and found a new company. The challenge was to develop brand new IP that would utilize the know-how she had built up over the previous seven years in research and to ensure that the new IP and business would deliver innovation and commercial acumen.

John Ferlito (Chief Technology Officer)

John's blog

John Ferlito is one of Australia's most experienced open source technical gurus and an entrepreneur who has created several companies providing internet services across a range of industries.

Dr Juan Jose Garcia (Senior Software Engineer)

As both a researcher and software engineer for over 10 years, Juan Jose has worked with organisations in Spain, the UK, the US and Australia at the cutting edge of Web technology. His Doctorate develops ideas on software architecture for text mining.


Julian Frumar (Visual Communications Manager)

Julian has been involved in technologies that build optimisation and personalization of the web experience for a number of years, keeping a keen eye on trends in technology and the user experience. Julian now works for Google on YouTube after having sold his own startup Omnisio .

Matt Moor (Infrastructure Manager)

Matthew Moor has had close to a decade in network design and systems administration. He has designed, developed and maintained infrastructure for identity and access management. Matt now works for Australia hosting provider Bulletproof Networks .

Chris Broad (Vice President, China)

Known for his innovative strategic marketing, business development and strategy, Broad has been responsible for substantial revenue growth in every company he has worked for. His responsibilities have included global operations, launching subsidiaries in new markets, and building new business areas and advantage.

Peter Withers (Flash Programmer)

Peter Withers is an expert at turning dense computer code and ideas into practical outcomes.