Media Buying Agencies

Online digital and interactive media-buying agencies provide marketing and communication services to their customers. Much of online marketing and communication nowadays focuses on video.

It has been shown that video keeps people engaged longer on Websites than pure text. As a consequence, in 2007, the metric for calculating advertising value of a Website has been changed from number of page views to time on site .

This means that advertisers and producers have the opportunity to sell their message to a more receptive audience when using video online.

Further it has been shown that video that is published through social networking sites has a higher potential to go viral than the same video published on the content owner's own Website. This has led to the creation of viral video campaigns driven through social networking sites.

In this situation, media-buying companies are required to monitor the viral spread of the video for their customers. There is a need to:

  • Monitor over time the development of the audience of videos uploaded to social video hosting sites, as well as create reports with recommendations for improvement.
  • Monitor the embedding of these videos into other Websites, blogs, and online fora, and the discussions these create.
  • Monitor the copying, reuse and mash-up of these videos and thus further spread through social video hosting sites.

Vquence acquires in real-time the quantitative measurements required to monitor the social uptake of the videos. Vquence provides graphs to display the development of the audience, comments, and ratings over time.

Vquence also monitors a large number of blogs, fora and news sites in collaboration with partners for places where the videos are being embedded and reused, gaining a direct access to the actively engaged part of the audience that is most relevant to the advertiser.

Vquence's patented duplicate identification technology further helps in identifying other social video that are re-using material extracted from the original videos or simply helps in identifying whether the video has been re-uploaded by a fan. A graphical user interface that includes a display of the actual videos in the feed is used to deliver this unique service.