Monthly Archives: February 2009

New "Video Metrics" LinkedIn Group

For those of you who are keen to discuss more about Video Metrics, we created a LinkedIn Group on "Video Metrics". It will only turn into a useful place if people start signing up and we get a community started that can have meaningful discussions. I saw Michael Downs from TubeMogul join, so we have [...]

IAB standardises in-stream ad API

Under the title "Digital Video Player-Ad Interface Definition (VPAID)", the IAB has published new standards for the communication between video players and in-stream video advertising. This document provides a standard API for interacting with in-stream ads - an API that will help produce ads that can be used in multiple video players, but also an [...]

Dark viral videos and Witchery

Wikipedia defines viral marketing as "marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks to produce increases in brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives through self-replicating viral processes, analogous to the spread of pathological or computer viruses." Some recent marketing campaigns have taken their "viral" aspect to its extreme and are not even mentioning a [...]

Top Rated Superbowl Ads 2009

I promised to report on the performance of the Superbowl ads on YouTube. This is actually not as simple as it sounds because the different ads were not uploaded at the same time and some had an unfair advantage for having been up on YouTube for a couple of days before the Superbowl. Therefore we [...]

The effects on advertising of WMG disappearing from YouTube

On the 21st December 2008, Warner Music Group pulled the plug on their deal with YouTube. YouTube's blog article described it as not having been able to "reach acceptable business terms" (read it here, if you are outside the US and your YouTube site is redirecting you to a non-existant local blog page). It seems [...]

Superbowl 2009 Ads

The first of February is an exciting day for video advertisers (and for American Football of course): the most expensive ads of the year are being released. This year's superbowl ads were sold by NBC for a record $3 million per 30 seconds of commercial time - that's $100,000 a second! Compared to last year, [...]