Top Rated Superbowl Ads 2009

I promised to report on the performance of the Superbowl ads on YouTube. This is actually not as simple as it sounds because the different ads were not uploaded at the same time and some had an unfair advantage for having been up on YouTube for a couple of days before the Superbowl. Therefore we normalised out all activity from before the Superbowl actually ran and only measured the increase in views, comments, and ratings between the 2nd and the 4th February. Here are the resulting rankings:

Rank New Views
New Comments
New Ratings
Final Rating
1 Pepsi - Refresh Anthem Pepsi - Refresh Anthem Bridgestone - Astronauts
2 Hulu Hulu
3 Pedigree Pepsi - Refresh Anthem Hulu
4 Bud Light - Meeting Doritos - Crystal Ball Doritos - Crystal Ball Miller - 1 Second
5 SoBe - 3D Lizards Miller - 1 Second Miller - 1 Second Doritos - Crystal Ball
6 Miller - 1 Second Pepsi Max - PetSuber Pepsi Max - PetSuber Coke - Insect
7 Doritos - Crystal Ball SoBe - 3D Lizards Cheetos
8 Bridgestone - Potato Head Bridgestone - Astronauts Pedigree Cheetos
9 GE - Scarecrow Cash4Gold Bridgestone - Potato Head

Etrade - Singing Baby

10 HR Block - Death and Taxes Angels and Daemons Bridgestone - Astronauts

(not unique)

There are some interesting observations:

The Pepsi ad , while tops on views, comments, and number of ratings, actually didn't rate as highly as the the others. My guess is that it has more informative than entertainment value and thus does not excite people as much to make a high rating.

The Bud Light ad received lots of views, but didn't really engage people to make comments or ratings. People probably just agreed that cutting back on beer is not a good idea.

The SoBe 3D Lizards ad raised interest and comments, but wasn't really rated either even though there were lots of special effects and the cool idea of a 3D ad.

The Bridgestone Astronauts ad was rated the highest, but it didn't receive anywhere near the same number of new views as the others.

A similar effect is visible for the Hulu ad , which came second in rank, but has even less views than the Astronauts.

Now, other sites have also published rankings for the Superbowl ads, so let's compare our outcome with that of others:

Rank USA Today Viewed Online Nielsen IAG
Ad Blitz Twitter Tweetbowl Vquence
1 Doritos - Crystal Ball Budweiser - Clydesdale New Tricks Doritos - Crystal Ball Hulu Pepsi - Refresh Anthem
2 Budweiser - Clydesdale Circus Doritos - Power of Crunch Etrade - Singing Baby Pepsi - Refresh Anthem
3 Doritos - Power of Crunch Doritos - Crystal Ball Bud Light - Meeting Pedigree
4 Bridgestone - Potato Head Pedigree Pepsi Max - I'm Good GoDaddy - Shower Bud Light - Meeting
5 Doritos - Power of Crunch Coke - Insect SoBe - 3D Lizards
6 Budweiser - Clydesdale New Tricks Budweiser - Clydesdale Generations (only did top 5) Doritos - Crystal Ball Miller - 1 Second
7 Pedigree Budweiser - Clydesdale Circus - GI Joe Doritos - Crystal Ball
8 Pepsi - Refresh Anthem Bridgestone - Astronauts - Star Trek Bridgestone - Potato Head
9 Bud Light - Meeting NFL - GE - Scarecrow
10 Coke - Insect Pepsi - Refresh Anthem - Bridgestone - Potato Head HR Block - Death and Taxes

The methodologies between these rankings are very different. The USA Today is an online survey, the Nielseon IAG one is a panel, Tweetbowl measured the number of tweets on a particular ad, and Vquence the number of views on YouTube of the ads. However, there are some similarities.

Clearly, there are some common winners:

Some other are only on one top 10 list:

Feel free to make up your own personal favorite. I really quite like the last one - a one second ad by Miller of a guy screaming "High Life".

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