Super Bowl Ad Season

In the previous blog post, I wrote about the top 10 ads of 2008 and the huge impact Super Bowl ads achieved. The 2009 Super Bowl season is about to start and we have a new phenomenon: a trailer for video ads.

According to the great ads blog , DreamWorks Animation and Pepsi SoBe Lifewater announced they have joined together with Intel Corporation and NBC to create a nationwide 'Monstrous' 3D event for Super Bowl XLIII.
This ad trailer announces two Super Bowl ads to be released on the 1st February and requiring 3D goggles. The first will be the trailer for DreamWorks' movie "Monsters vs. Aliens", and the second a new lizard ad for SoBe Lifewater.
In actual fact, this ad trailer is a combined ad for five products or brands:
  • Pepsi
  • SoBe Lifewater
  • Intel
  • Monsters vs Aliens trailer
  • Superbowl NBC
Incidentally, I had to change my top 10 ads of 2008 to include last year's SoBe Lifewater ad . It had slipped through my research, since neither the word 'ad' nor 'commercial' had been mentioned in the tags.

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